The Center for the Study of Market Alternatives at NNU

On liberty...

The Center for the Study of Market Alternatives (CSMA) was founded in 1976 by Caldwell, Idaho businessman Ralph Smeed for the study of political, economic and religious liberty. Now located at Northwest Nazarene University, the CSMA continues to serve as an educational resource for the exploration and promotion of these important liberties. For more information contact us at

The Free Man's Almanac Quote of the Day

"The leadership of the State in economic affairs . . . is necessarily connected with a bewildering mass of governmental interferences of a steadily cumulative nature. The arbitrariness, the mistakes and the inevitable contradictions of such policy will, as daily experience shows, only strengthen the demand for a more rational co-ordination of the different measures and, therefore, for unified leadership. For this reason Planned Economy will always tend to develop into Dictatorship. . . ."

—Gustav Cassel