The Center for the Study of Market Alternatives at NNU

On liberty...

The Center for the Study of Market Alternatives (CSMA) was founded in 1976 by Caldwell, Idaho businessman Ralph Smeed for the study of political, economic and religious liberty. Now located at Northwest Nazarene University, the CSMA continues to serve as an educational resource for the exploration and promotion of these important liberties.


The Free Man's Almanac Quote of the Day

"Though little, the master word looms large in meaning. It is the “open sesame” to every portal, the great equalizer, the philosopher’s stone which transmutes all base metal of humanity into gold. The stupid it will make bright, the bright brilliant, and the brilliant steady. To youth it brings hope, to the middle-aged confidence, to the aged repose. It is directly responsible for all advances in medicine during the past 25 years. Not only has it been the touchstone of progress, but it is the measure of success in everyday life. And the master word is work."

—William Osler