A Review of The End of Karma 
By Sydney Knight
Business Management; Accounting
Reviewed February 16, 2017
In The End of Karma Somini Sengupta shows the changing India in the view of the young. In India, karma is basically the plan that is made for you that you are meant to follow. The people in the book are trying to end their karma by making a life for themselves. There were stories of people that were successful in changing their future, but then there were some tragic stories of people that were stopped. All of the stories that were told one way or another changed India as a whole, it changed laws and got people’s attention. Sengupta  explains that everyone in India is starting to become more hopeful for political freedom.
One story was about a boy named Anupam who knew that he wanted more out of his life, so he thrived in school and focused on being successful. Then there was the story of Rinu who posted something on Facebook and was put in jail because a group of people got offended. The story of Monica and Kuldeep falling in forbidden love and being killed by their own siblings for the sake of the name of the family, was the story that stood out for me. It got everyone’s attention, including the government, and changed other people's futures.
I do think that this book was compelling. It did an excellent job of showing the old India and how this new generation is slowly changing it into what they want. I hadn’t known anything about India or the conditions that their people lived in. It was very informative for me because all the stories had a point. I enjoyed reading this book, and it did not feel like work for me. It was very personable as well in that the author was born in India, so she wasn’t writing about a place that she had no connection to. She actually cared, and that always makes a book better.
I think that people would appreciate this book because it has so much information in very precise words. It has so many illustrative examples and proves its point. People in India were not satisfied with the way that their government was managed, so they took it into their own hands to shape their own karma. They did not want to have to live a life like the generations before, they wanted the freedom to choose what to do with their lives. They wanted to be able to escape the poverty that they were born into and form their futures.
India has so many rules and laws over everything and people were getting punished for the strangest things, like a post on Facebook that hurt other people’s feelings. The newest generation in India is focused on enforcing equality for everyone. They are starting to help women have close to as many opportunities in the new world as men, as well as everyone having the opportunity to receive education and end their karma.